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What is Poland Airways?

Poland Airways is a virtual airline with pilots flying on FSAirlines / IVAO / VATSIM / FSCloud

We are one of the biggest virtual airline in Poland. Our pilots are flying airplanes like Boeing / Airbus
and smaller like AN2 / PZL Wilga / Cessna.

In our Crew are pilots of all ages and with different levels of experience in aviation virtual and real. We all form the one team on which you can always rely on.

Many of our pilots can say, that being in Poland Airways is something more than spending free time flying by simulator. Being here is something, what gives us a chance for flying succeses, virtual and real.

Between many virtual airlines we distinguish that we do not interfere how much you fly. It's only your decision, when you get into one of our virtual aircrafts and do for us a perfect flight!

With us you can learn how to fly without fears, earn virtual money by doing flights for Poland Airways and enjoy your flying logs - All of it you do only when you want!